REPORT 10TH & 11TH JULY 2010

Written by Roy Best

Record entries for the club stand for many years with 17 members and families booked in, including some coming down from Wales for the weekend, also for years "lots of sunshine". We had 31 bikes booked in with 27 bikes on display with a good range of machines from a Sinclair Zeta to an Excelsior Consort.

It all started Thursday evening with our team of grass cutters and us arriving just as they were finishing the hard work, not that I was going to do anything anyway (down to one crouch now and just starting to walk again). Not sure that John Glanvill and Steve should be racing lawnmowers though, thank you to Steve, John Rowe & (son) Justin, John Glanvill, Theresa and James for all the help. This in itself was a good evening with our now security team lighting there barbeque later that night with me & Theresa staying late into the evening eating their food.

Friday saw us arriving late again as normal lately with many people waiting for us as we had all the club props etc for the stand; they soon had the van cleared and happily setting things up (me pointing with my crouch to where things were to go). I did leave the roof of our gazebo home though, leaving some to go back again to look for it.

Time soon arrived for our chip shop run on the bikes with John G, John R, Steve, James and me with Justin on his push bike joining us for part of the ride. I was sort of able to ride my Novio by now, with help in the initial starting of the bike but not sure how I would get on especially on the dirt track out of the showground. John R now with his Trotter running well but not previously getting past the 4mile marker, done well in completing the route after the work put into the bike. We normally have some of our riders that go there own way and this ride proved the norm with John G & Steve taking the return route on the way out, meeting up at Dawlish for the photo call. With the chip shop coming into view at Starcross we parked up and piled into the chip shop for our now famous fish and chip supper. We had not much problems with bikes but John G was having a lot of trouble with starting his Runabout, but after starting it again there and us shooting off he had stalled and couldn’t restart the bike. Sadly John was unknowingly left behind and pedalled his bike back, sorry about this John it shouldn’t have happened, next year we will see if anyone will do a back up trailer.

Saturday and Sunday the display was put on and again many offered there help in sorting out the displays for the weekend, sun still shining. The show needed this good weather we were having after previous years of poor weather, the stand was busy a good deal of the time and some new members were signed up with one renewing his after rejoining last year. Good to have so many members entered with many old faces coming back to meet up again and good to be able to talk to people about our bikes offering help & advice when possible. This is also a social event for us and proved to be good fun once again, with John R, Justin & Steve looking after the bikes again over the weekend. Sunday night was soon hear and the stand was soon completely down, I think there was more people there helping than bikes on display at times.

Too many to thank for the organizing and helping with the weekend so thankyou to you all once again. Justin though needs a special mention for his enthusiasm to offer help when needed without being asked and when I needed help at times, he loves his ride out with us on his bicycle and how he keeps up and eats so much I will never know. Well done.

Some of the crew at work
Go... false start
Grass cutting crew
Lympstone over the Exe. See your for yourself next year!
Gazebo plan study
John shows trotter to John
I want a green buggy
Justin looks for the throttle
Don't miss this next year!
Breakfast photo call
Now how does this work?
Rob had one as a boy so got one again
Light works then James
James setting his Sat Nav
Chips won't be long...
Roy on the Novio and James on the Mobylette
Steve on his quickly-n
Photo call at the top of Dawlish. John Glanvill taking the photo
Runabout Mobylette AV41 and Quickly-n
Justin looks worn out at the back
Cool John Glanvill
The Devon Autocyclists